Types of Heating Boilers

The basics of choosing boilers  
there are some rules that help to make the right heating boilers check for private homes.
For example, you should know exactly what kind of fuel is most suitable for a particular area. House, located in the best garden of heat with wood. If there are sites near thermal baths. The presence of gas pipelines near the location of the house will automatically cut off all fuels, except that the gas that burns is converted to heat.
It is very important when choosing a heater that takes into account the loss of heat at home, related to the quality of external insulation. Also an important parameter is the number of hot water required. Taking into account all these standards, it is possible to calculate the required capacity of the boiler.

Types of boilers for heating

A large range of heaters sometimes put the consumer in a dead end. It is not easy to choose the perfect choice for themselves among this diversity.

The most popular types of heaters for private homes are:

-Gas boilers
-Electric heating devices
-Solid units.


Gas Boilers

This is the most common type of thermal device that directs consumers not only to its value, but also provides fuel to the user. These devices are divided into two types:-

Condensation of heating devices: This difference lies in the fact that in addition to thermal energy is used heat emitted from steam. This approach helps to save gas consumption, which is very important given the continuing high tariffs on natural gas;
Thermal heating devices:Heat radiator occurs because of the energy produced during combustion. They have an open combustion chamber and operate through a natural project.

Security is very important when choosing a heating device drawing attention to a heat exchanger. This is a special tank, made of metal, which radiator heating. If made of steel, it is likely that the life of such products will be short-lived. Cast iron tank more resistant to temperature changes, almost not subject to rust and service life 60 years.
Heating devices that are cool and natural project, very easy to operate and economic cost. If the required energy account is implemented correctly, it is possible to heat a room qualitatively of any size.


Boilers electrical

this type of heating devices in the most expensive service, but the high cost of payment provides full efficiency. Depending on the strength of the electric heating devices is: single phase of three stages and multi-stage. The third option allows  the optimal use of energy resources and avoids problems associated with the power of sudden storms.
Depending on the principle of operation of heating boilers for private homes heating are:

– Work of Tenova.


Solid fuel boilers

This type of equipment is more labor-intensive maintenance. The main heater can be used, additional or auxiliary. In the case of auxiliary kettle, it is with high temperatures and warming of the radiator, before launching electric boilers or gas for heating private houses, which are designed to maintain the required temperature in the room.

Today, the most popular models of solid fuel boilers are:

 Pyrolysis unit: Its work is based on the generation and future burning of pyrolysis gas, which was released as a result of combustion of solid fuel and oxygen as a minimum. Long ignition boilers are equipped with special gas regulators that regulate the supply of oxygen in sufficient quantities for combustion. After reducing the oxygen ignition volume sharply, which leads to solid fuel decay and adjusts the unit for the normal course of work? It is worth mentioning that this type of heating devices and run almost on any kind of solid fuel: wood, coal, or wood granules.
Pellet heating boilers: Works on pressed wood – pellet. Individual models are equipped with private pellet boilers for heating homes with a screw, which after certain settings are automatically delivered an appropriate amount of solid fuel into the furnace. Ignition type – automatic. Also, the length affects the amount of burning the cellar.
    Solid long boiler burning:  Depending on the type of heater design, it can be wood, sawdust, charcoal, or a mixture of peat and wood. It is a special characteristic of this type of heating equipment and hopper processing. Fuel combustion will occur from top to bottom, accompanied by slow decay. This combustion period can be increased up to a day.


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