Troubleshooting Boiler Heating System

If you have boiler heating system, sure you will find many troubles due to using the system for a long period. In this article, we will discuss the Troubleshooting Boiler Heating System process.

Also, you’ll learn the problems that may happen to the boiler heating system. I’ll tell you how to fix it or the right behavior to dealing with, some of this problem you can fix by yourself.

However, you should know that there are other problems that need an expert.
First, let’s know the main troubles that happened to the boiler heating system.

Overall, these are some problems may happen to your boiler heating system:

  • The sides of the radiator are cold ( sometimes the top, bottom, or the middle).
  • The boiler control is not working.
  • The radiator valve has been damaged.
  • The boiler is leaking water.

Troubleshooting Boiler Heating System:Troubleshooting a Boiler Heating System-1

1- If there are cold patches on any side of the radiator:

  • In the beginning, we must know the causes of this cold in any part. The upper part of the cold occurs when there is air inside the heating system. So, the problem is solved by discharging this air.
  • If the cold is produced in the center of the radiator, it is caused by the accumulation of rust. You can treat this by constant cleaning of the coolant.
  • The bottom part is also affected by rust which can cause coldness in this part.

2- In the case, the control of the boiler is not working:

If the problem is caused by the control of the boiler, so you should check the components of the control unit. You’ll need to check the thermostat, the programmers, the time switcher, electronic programmers and the radiator valve.

3- Damaged radiator valve

Well, the damage that happened to the radiator valve need to the following steps to repair it:

  1.  Drain the system.
  2.  Remove the old valve.
  3.  Remove the old adapter.
  4. Fit the new adapter.
  5. Fit the new valve.
  6.  Refill the system.
  7. Bleed the radiators.
  8.  Refill the system again.

4- The boiler is leaking water:

When you find that there is water leaking from the boiler you should first look for the source of the leaking in the system and isolate it, then call the expert to repair it.


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