Workplace Housekeeping

Lots of us think that “Workplace Housekeeping” is simply removing dust, cleaning surfaces and floors and organizing the clutters only. Well, today I’m going to correct and clarify your definition of Workplace Housekeeping.

In your workplace, housecleaning has many different aspects and things to consider. The goal here is to keep workers safe and improve productivity. Moreover, it helps to display a first good impression when visitors come and shows great morals of the workplace.

3 Tips for Effective Workplace Housekeeping:

1- Eliminate Any Fire Hazards:Workplace Housekeeping

First of all, the workers are responsible for making sure that the workplace is clear from any combustible materials.

Here are some key points to avoid fire hazards:

  • You need to only have the combustible materials as much you need to do the job.
  • When you’re not using combustible materials, put it in the storage area to keep it safe.
  • Always make sure there are no obstacles in the exit way or fire exit.
  • Change any clothes that get contaminated with flammable liquids.
  • Make sure to an 18-inch distance between any material and the sprinkler controls, the automatic sprinklers, and the fire extinguishers.

2- Prevent Falling Objects:Workplace Housekeeping-1

Here are some things that help prevent objects from falling:

  • toe rail.
  • net.
  • toe board.

Also, some helpful tips are stacking materials and boxes straight up and down. Always put the heavy objects on lower shelves. Don’t place your equipment near the edges of tables or desks.

Moreover, another helpful tip is not to stalk heavy objects (or any object of any weight) in areas where workers move and walk around a lot.

3- Proper storage of Materials:Workplace Housekeeping-2

You must sure that storage areas don’t have any hazard accumulation to prevent fire, tripping, pests or explosions.

There’s a mistake that some workers do and that is storing ladders in the electrical closet, This will indeed block an electrical panel. Therefore, this is going to cause a fire explosion and, of course, it is considered a violation of OSHA regulations.

According to CCOHS, you should never store anything in the workplace and storage objects or materials should be kept out of the way of workers.

These were the top Tips for Effective Workplace Housekeeping. Stay safe. Cheers.


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