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Today, you’ll learn 5 tips to prevent fires in your workplace. The majority of fires and accidents are either due to negligence or lack of training or operating assets. Sometimes it is due to the presence of deficiencies in the materials of the manufacturer. Some of these problems could be a cracking in the furnace pipes.

This can happen due to the existence of conditions conducive to sparking during the work. Probably, it could happen due to pumping or neglecting of the maintenance of equipment such as pumps.

Also, it could happen due to preventing or rather reducing the encouraging conditions and take the necessary precautions to prevent or reduce the conditions of occurrence.

5 Tips to Prevent Fires in The Workplace:

1. Periodic Mechanical Inspection Of Equipment:Prevent Fires-1

First, the periodic inspection of the devices is to detect defects leading to maturation inflammable materials and periodic inspection. This could be ranging from one to two years depending on the operational conditions.

These defects could be where the units are stopped and the parts are opened and replaced by the defect. Consequently, the operational units are in good condition and production depends properly and reduce accidents which, in turn, lead to fire accidents.

2. Application Of Safety And Prevention SystemsPrevent Fires-2

Second, the control of the operational and maintenance activities by the Safety Engineer is the sole officer for the prevention of accidents.

Basically, these accidents include fire. You must take all safety precautions to ensure that no accident may happen.

Firefighters and the safety engineers monitor all work for associates and guide them to the right ways to avoid accidents. Moreover, they maintain laboratories to monitor everything that may lead to accidents.

3. Training of fire-fighting technicians:

All technicians are trained to use the fire extinguishers in the event of a fire to prevent their expansion and minimize the damage the fire caused.

4- Fire TeamPrevent Fires-3

A well-trained firefighting team is equipped with modern firefighting equipment, fire extinguishers, and dry powder. These equipment combat various types of fires.

Daily and weekly drills and lectures are conducted continuously for the purpose of upgrading firefighters’ efficiency.

5- The Firefighting Team:

Finally, the firefighting team consists of technicians and their duties to assist the original fire team in the event of fire expansion.

The reserve team gets training to use the firefighting equipment well and conduct exercises to raise their efficiency to prevent fires.


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