Takumi System

What do you know about the Takumi system? Well, I’ll tell you about it in this article. To find a company or a successful brand from all sides is not difficult. Eventually, there are standards that the company follows to achieve this position in the global markets.

Follow the comprehensive quality system and manage it well from the methods followed by factories and leading companies.

Simply, because these companies have a great deal in the world of industry and trade as a result of the application of all the quality standards provided by these regulations.

Then, it is followed by Retailing and its core brand Onicalo. This company is known for following strict quality standards that can not be waived.

These standards are followed in all branches of the company in Japan, USA, and Europe. The Quality Creation Committee, led by the production officer, sets these standards.

These standards are also followed by the partner companies’ factories, thereby increasing the efficiency of the product.

Takumi System:Takumi System-1

The system was established in 2000 by the experts of the system, especially by Fast Retailing, a leading global textile manufacturer.

These experts have put their fingerprint and experience in the field of operations management and the strengthening of existing human resources.

Takumi System BasicsTakumi System-2

Takumi Quality System strengthens the garment industry by providing the highest quality product by following the quality standards provided by the system.

The application of the system starts from the beginning of manufacturing the product through all the processes. It ensures a safe working environment for health workers in the field of clothing.

This may require the worker to make continuous movements that may harm his body. Also, the Takumi System focuses on increasing the capabilities of both factory workers and management personnel.

Moreover, it enhances the plant’s infrastructure without increasing the technical capabilities of the plant or introducing new technologies that will streamline processes and facilitate the work of workers.

The factories that follow this system are keen to put Takumi System experts in senior leadership positions. Practically, this allows the development of the company industrial and commercial, which benefits all partners, whether individuals or companies.


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