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7 Ways to Power Your Home with Renewable Energy

You can decrease your electricity bills by utilizing renewable energy and even will reduce the taxes for using renewable resources, below are ways how to use renewable energy at home. Rooftop Solar Panels Solar panels are the best and most well-known renewable energy or power resource that...

How to Calculate The Distance Between the Lines of Solar Heating Panels ?

In another article on solar panels, we mentioned the direction of the solar panels and the tilt angle. In this topic, we will address another very important part (how to calculate the distance between the solar panels) in the case of large-scale projects and...

How to Turn Water and Carbon Dioxide into Fuel Using Solar Energy

In the last decades has increased the demand for power because of the change of the way of life of the people, which has become dependent on sea water, such as the reliance on food and water at the same time sounded the alarm...

How to use a Heating Pad?

How to use a heating pad? In order to relief any sore necks and back pains as well as stomach aches or menstrual pain using a heating pad is the answer, applying heat can help reduce pain in strained muscles. After a long work out...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power Energy

The time is coming to think more about using of solar energy as the new method of clean production of electricity but Solar Energy has pros and cons ; advantages and disadvantages. The strong points of solar energy or in other word the benefits...

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