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Gas Saving Tips

Gas Saving Tips These are some suggestions to save your money during continuous gas price increasing. First, as we know gas become denser in low temperature, so you can buy it in early morning or at night to save your money by getting more fuel with...

How to Avoid Heating of Engines

How to Avoid Heating of Engines Preventing heating of engines The high temperature of the engine may cause many problems. Therefore, it is recommended to follow or monitor the engine's temperature and to treat any malfunction which causes it to rise quickly. Therefore, these are...

How to test Heating Element

How to test Heating Element Before starting the electrical components test, the high voltage capacitor must first be discharged from its charge by touching the screwdriver end with the oven body, and then touching the end of the screwdriver at the end of the condenser. 1...

How to Make Heating Pad at Home

How to make heating pad at home We need Heating in our life and In many cases and conditions , we need heating in treatment , such as relieving some pain (back pain, muscle strain and menstrual pain...etc), as heat helps to treat pain through...

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