Information About Solar Panels
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One of the most strong points in a solar panels is the silicon part as it’s a very common material , you can always rely on solar panels , the don’t use fuel as they use the Sun which is totally free and it’s a renewable resource of energy unlike the fuel or oil . The Sun will keep shining mostly forever so it’s too cheap and saves money and energy as well as it can be used anywhere so you won’t need to use wires or cables for electricity . Also solar panels don’t make any pollution to the environment and they are safe and doesn’t make any noise as well .

Solar Panels On Homes
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There is no difference between a solar panel and any other panel. They just are often out in a roof in order to get the most and best light from the sun that they can receive, so they can’t be put on the ground but they are built on the ground. Solar panels have many colors and shapes they can be put on the roof and built into the building so you won’t even notice them. Roof tiles can be made using thin-film panels and they supply electricity to the buildings. They make Direct current electricity and its more than sufficient for most of the devices but some of home appliances use AC , houses usually use AC , this is case a device called inverter is used to convert from DC to AC.

Storing Electricity
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When it’s too dark for the solar panels to work there has to be a way to store electricity especially when the building is not connected to power. So in this case we use batteries that store the electricity to provide it during dark and they are also useful in case of power loss.



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