Solar Heating System Cost

A lot of us wonder about the Solar Heating System Cost. Well, first of all, solar energy is a natural source of heat. We prefer to use it since it is a safe and clean source of energy. The solar energy is one of the most abundant heating methods.

But let us, in this article, learn about the cost of the solar heating system, especially for homes.

The Idea Of Solar Heating System:Solar Heating System Cost-1

Basically, the idea of solar heating depends on the use of heat from the sun to generate electricity to heat the entire area through the use of solar panels.

The capacity of the solar panels varies from one board to another. We determine the board according to the area it can cover.

So, the capacity and efficiency of each panel depend on the amount of electricity produced by each square meter of the board.

Solar Heating System Cost:

There are two main types of panels used: mono panels and polycrystalline panels. The difference is that the single panels work more efficiently in cold areas than polycrystalline panels. While the polycrystalline panels work more efficiently in hot areas. Solar Heating System Cost-2

The species is the most widely used in Arab countries and, fortunately, it is less expensive than its counterpart.

The capacity of the single panel is between 100 and 350 watts, and the more widely used panels produce 250 watts.

So, the price of a 250-watt polycrystalline board is between $ 130 and $ 200 per solar panel. However, the price may vary depending on other criteria such as manufacturer name, plate quality and even warranty conditions.

Here we have to mention that 4 combined panels can generate 1 kW, so the cost of one kW is between $ 520 and $ 800.

The Solar Heating System Cost of one watt of electricity is about $ 1.6 and this figure is decreasing with the continuous development that is happening in this area.

While the cost of solar energy for an ordinary apartment is 200 kilowatts, or nearly $ 2400. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that this cost is not simple but it lasts for 20 years.

That is, you as a person will not pay the electricity bill for 20 years. In addition to the fact that the price of solar power equipment has decreased from $ 6,000 to $ 1500.


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