Solar Heating A House

Today, you’ll learn how Solar Heating A House can be achieved. So, the establishment of alternative heating systems (or combined options) allows you to apply new methods in an environment where there is no chance of using the usual methods of heat production. This applies to remote areas or small remote villages.

Generally, the energy of the sun which is known as solar energy- is one of these innovations. But, if you remember calculators and watches with solar batteries, it is clear that the old well forgot, but the reality of today is enhanced.

Types Of Solar Heating A House

Today there are several types of collectors models, but they all have a similar principle and some differences in building (sometimes very large).

In most cases they are one – it is collecting solar energy, as well as processing later, in much-needed electricity and heat for the man.

The air collector hub operates on the principle of conventional greenhouse phenomenon. It is the solar radiation by exposing the infrared coating conductor and gives it a special receiver. It absorbs it, but soon warms the air which gives off the heat of the room.

Heating of houses with solar tubes:Solar Heating A House-1

The tubular manifold is assembled from a large number of pipes, stained with black. It is filled with different cooling temperature, where there is its continuous movement or circulation.

Tubes, due to the large space to absorb the largest amount of solar energy, thus high efficiency.

Heating of houses with solar collectors Idea:

Solar heating assembly is based on the tubular operation principle. The structural difference is that the smaller tube (black) is placed inside the larger diameter than the other (glass). Fill free space with vacuum, providing reliable insulation.

Mobile System:

A principle similar to the usual sunflower due to the sensor surface equipped with radiation absorption material after the movement of sunlight turning. But, the surface is always placed in the right corner of the sun.

Sadly, precision light sensors make this system more expensive than others, as long as they are not as common as others.

The flat panel is technically simpler and common. Apartment (hence the name) in a black box, covered with a layer of glass. They collect sunlight and transmit heat in room air. More affordable option.


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