Safety Hazards

The technical development of the world has led to many risks and Safety Hazards that the human must be aware of at all times. Generally, workshops, factories, and laboratories are considered to be working environments with many occupational hazards.

Workers can face risks such as high temperature, the risk of rotary machines and devices sensitive, rapid reaction risks, toxic substance risks, escalating gases and other forms of risks.

Safety Hazards – Occupational Disease

First, we’ll talk about the occupational disease. Simply, it is defined as a disease that is caused by exposure to environmental factors associated with the work.

So, the occupational disease can be due to physical, chemical or physiological factors that are dangerous or harmful to health.

Moreover, it can sometimes lead to death when it reaches levels and periods exceeding the permitted limits which may result in death or chronic illness.Safety Hazards-1

The occupational disease occurs by exposure to hazards at work such as poisoning or exposure to dust, spray or vapors of certain harmful substances. Some of the harmful things are asbestos, mercury, and lead.

Even the exposure to noise could affect the worker and cause professional deafness depending on the pressure or exposure to direct glare or high or low temperature as occurs near furnaces and inside.

Also, some workers can get in a number of occupational diseases when exposed to the computer and refrigerators for too long.

Generally, the most common hardening of the back and neck and shoulder pain and numbness of hands and eye fatigue.

Safety Hazards – Accidents at Workplaces:

Work accidents cannot occur automatically but they occur with causes, so they can be prevented.

First, accidents to avoid their causes, which are:Safety Hazards-2

– Behavioral reasons (related to the worker):

  • Neglect of the worker and the rudeness of his mind.
  • Lack of skill or experience.
  • Excessive confidence in self.
  • The presence of a disability or lack of physical.
  • Dealing with the machine.

– Reasons in the work environment:Safety Hazards-3

  • Do not provide machine protection barriers.
  • Use of defective tools and equipment.
  • Lack of order and order in the work environment.
  • Improper ventilation.
  • Noise during work.
  • Non-use or availability of personal protective equipment and clothing.
  • Finally, some diseases that result from exposure to some toxic chemicals or which are caused by some cancer diseases. This happens due to the presence in a chemical environment or the manufacture of the use of harmful substances to humans.


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