Renewable Energies or Clean Energies

Renewable energies or clean energies are known as the energy that is obtained from natural resources and it has come to think that it can be inexhaustible, by the volume of energy that can become possible to obtain by natural means.

The energy availability of renewable energy sources is greater than the conventional energy sources; however, its use of renewable energy is very scarce. Among the renewable energies are Hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, biomass and biofuels.

Solar Energy: receives this name because it takes advantage of the direct reception of the radiation of the sun obtaining the heat and the electricity, obtaining the heat by means of thermal connectors and the electricity through photovoltaic.

Biomass: This energy is produced by the burning of firewood, forest, and agricultural waste (branches, leaves, and bark). It is used to produce heat energy; they are a renewable natural resource.

Wind energy: it is an indirect form of solar energy, since the sun to heat the masses of air produces an increase of the atmospheric pressure displacing these masses to zones of less pressure, giving rise to the winds as a result of this movement, being transformed kinetic energy into useful energy, both mechanical and electrical.

Geothermal energy: geothermal energy belongs to the heat energy contained within the earth, being transmitted by thermal conduction to the surface, which is a partially renewable and highly available resource.

Biogas: the simple chemical process of fermentation (rotting) of organic waste such as manure, leaves, husks, etc. A lot of gases called biogas are released. Biogas can also be produced in biogasification plants, placing the organic waste mixed with water in the digester, where fermentation takes place by means of anaerobic bacteria.

Tidal Power: The oceans are home to unsuspected energy levels that are barely used, only one-quarter of the planet is covered with water, the other three parts save valuable energy resources if they could take advantage of; not only of energetic type but also animal, mineral or vegetal resources.

Alternative energies are a similar concept, but not identical to the current energies, which can also supply current energies or energy sources, due to their lower polluting effect and their possibility of renewal. Some authors introduce nuclear energy into alternative energies since they generate very few greenhouse gases.

Renewables or Green Energies: it is a term that describes the energy generated by sources of primary energy respectful with the environment.


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