Reducing Electricity Use and Costs

You can save money by installing a small renewable energy system that will make you not only save money but also increase your security and decrease pollution, these devices are solar electric systems. Below are ways to lower your electricity use:

There are many ways you can reduce electricity use in your home:

  1. To improve the overall energy efficiency of your home, see home energy audits.
  2. Purchase appliances that reduces electricity and try using a more advanced power strip to reduce “vampire loads” and save the electricity for appliances that are not in use.
  3. Try to get daylight into your house by using good windows and skylights
  4. Try to use heating and cooling systems that’s don’t consume a lot of electricity , try to use windows – efficient windows – for heating or cooling instead of heating and cooling devices
  5. Purchase an electric water heater that doesn’t use a lot of electricity

Time-Based Electricity Rates


Utility companies encourage users to reduce your usage during peak hours as that will even reduce the cost of electricity then.

There are some devices used to measure the amount of energy used in your house , these devices might actually charge you more than using the electricity in peak hours , so in case you are able to shift you usage to non-peak hours such as using the washing machine later in the day , that will save you a lot of money.

You can check the driving fuels for more information to know how owners of vehicles charge their hybrid batteries for their cars.

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