Quality Control In Manufacturing

Today, we’ll talk about Quality Control In Manufacturing. Continuation of production to a degree of quality within certain limits at the lowest possible cost in a manner that prevents acceptance and satisfaction of the consumer.

In other words, quality control means all mandatory activities to ensure the safety and quality of food aimed at maintaining the health of the consumer and combating fraud, deception, and fraud.

This goal can be achieved by preventing or minimizing defective production through the enactment of laws (Standardization – Food Control).

Quality control in manufacturing is now planned through a comprehensive quality control operation. Moreover, it’s planned through the control of raw materials, workers, machinery, packaging materials and post-production services.

Quality Control In Manufacturing Concept:Quality Control In Manufacturing-1

Generally, any industrial product is of a high quality if its manufacture leads to the satisfaction of a particular sector of consumers and meets their desires.

So, the quality of the product is the degree to which the product satisfies the needs and desires of the consumer. Also, quality is defined as the suitability of the product specifications with the wishes and requirements of the consumer.

Quality control In Manufacturing includes basic points:

  1. The safety of the raw material in production and its conformity with the specifications.
  2. Complete product safety and conform to specifications before packaging.
  3. The safety of packaging materials and their conformity with specifications in terms of raw material. Then, the data listed for the class and then the date of production during the process of packaging.Quality Control In Manufacturing-2
  4. The safety of those involved in the process of manufacturing, especially in food factories or the availability of environmental and preventive safety conditions during the manufacturing process.
  5. Cleaning the factory during the manufacturing process and for food conditions are available HACCP.
  6. Regular use of time and efficiency of storage and storage process. How to withdraw from the warehouses of the factory and arrange the entry of the product modern production. Then, the withdrawal of the product that preceded the production process.
  7. How to trade raw materials generally within the production units.
  8. Follow the maintenance cycles of the production lines. Also, follow how to deal with them afterward to be suitable for the production of food perfectly sound


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