Points about Diesel Engines

There was no noticeable tendency to use diesel engines in cars. But because of OPEC oil proscription during a certain era, they have raised in sales and invaded the markets.

Despite of the effectiveness of diesel engines, but they have some historical problems that caused their decline:

  1. Diesel engines are heavier than gasoline engines because of its higher compression ratio.
  2. Diesel cars and diesel engine are more expensive than gas.
  3. Diesel cars are slower than gas car because their weight and compression ratio, so their RBM ranges are lower than gas, which let diesel engine more torque than horsepower.
  4. Because of diesel engines are fuel injected they are very expensive and not trust.
  5. They produce funny smoke and smell comparing of gasoline engine.
  6. It is difficult to operate in cold weather until their glow plugs heat up.
  7. They are annoying and trend to vibrate slightly.
  8. At the end they are less availability.


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