Personal Protective Equipment

Basically, Personal protective equipment is protective equipment, tools, and procedures. The goal is to protect the worker from injuries and risks that may surprise him during the period of work at the facility or workshop.

In fact, personal protective equipment (PPE) is a precautionary measure that minimizes or minimizes the risk of a calculated or tested possibility. Therefore, wearing it or using it with responsible awareness and in a proper manner ensures that the risks are minimized.

Why Must We Use Personal Protective Equipment?

Personal protective equipment is used when there are cases of possible injury, absorption, inhalation or direct contact.

  1. Notification of operations such as: paving roads – painting – ceramics – construction work.Personal Protective Equipment-1
  2. Environmental hazards such as smoke, dust, gases.
  3. Chemical hazards.
  4. Radiological hazards.
  5. Mechanical hazards such as sharp objects or volatile parts.

Statistics on a wide range of occupational injuries in different workplaces show that a large proportion of injuries among workers are in the head, eye, face, foot, and hands.

The Main Causes Of These Infections Are As Follows:

  1. A large proportion of workers do not wear PPE.
  2. The proportion of certain types of protective equipment is not fully protected.

Studies have shown that 70% of the workers in the hand did not wear the necessary gloves, and 30% of the remaining injured were wearing gloves but were injured because the gloves were either inappropriate or damaged.

The following are noted:Personal Protective Equipment-2

  • Helmets wear only 16% of the proportion of workers with head injuries
  • 1% of the workers were wearing a face protection shield and yet suffered facial injuries.
  • 23% of workers with foot injuries wore protective shoes.
  • 40% of the workers were wearing eye protection but were injured in the eye.

Types of Personal Protection Equipment

  • Face and eye protection equipment.
  • Head protection equipment.Personal Protective Equipment-3
  • Foot protection equipment.
  • Hand protection equipment.
  • Protective clothing.
  • Protection creams.
  • Protection Shield.
  • Barriers and barriers.

Personal protective equipment is used when other procedures such as (engineering – administrative) fail, so preventive measures are necessary

Engineering control procedures are especially important for the protection of hearing and breathing which have specifications that require the workers to take all preventive control measures


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