Passive Solar Heating

What is Passive Solar Heating? Today, I’ll tell you all about it and more. First of all, as you probably know, it was necessary to search for clean sources of energy. Why?

Due to the increasing demand for energy, especially the energy needed to heat residential buildings. Also, due to the continuous rise in the cost of conventional fuel.

Moreover, it was really important because of the pollution of the environment resulting from the waste of this fuel and the expected depletion in the near future.

Heating by solar energy is the cleanest and renewable energy source. Passive solar energy is one of the kinds of solar energy.

The Idea Of Passive Solar Energy:Passive Solar Heating-1

Basically, the Passive Solar Energy system starts with the construction of modern buildings architecturally. We need to take into account the importance of building components in the storage of solar energy.

Also, we need to build a glass house adjacent to the building as a passive heating system for the great benefit of solar energy. Traditional energy, which is the basic requirement for researchers at present.

How To Construct The Glass House:

In general, the house is surrounded by glass walls so that there is an air space between them. Then, this space is heated to a high temperature due to global warming.

As a result, the solar radiation penetrates the glass walls to be absorbed by the walls of the house. Glass that allows short-wave radiation to cross and reflect long-wavelength spectra so that these rays come back from the building and collide with the glass to return to the building. Passive Solar Heating-2

Thus, you have to have a pool of heat within the space mentioned and this amount of relatively large heat mixed with the air rises the heat to the perfect degree for your satisfaction.

Surprisingly, we can develop a solar oven inside the house and take advantage of the heat generated by global warming. We may develop new ideas, which are under study for ventilation and cooling in summers.

One of these new ideas is the use of a hole in the top of the glass roof and a hole in the interior walls of the house.

The glass house plays the role of the solar chimney in summer allowing light to pass through. As the light passes through, it prevents heat from entering the building, or cooling the building or adopting thin films that play the same role and generate electricity together.


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