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The petroleum industry contains the global operations of reconnoitering, extraction, purification, transferring and marketing. The massive volume output of the industry are petrol and fuel oil.

There are many benefits for oil and gas in our life. Its outputs support modern society, providing energy to multiple fields, using fuel in transporting field and the raw substance used to make many everyday products.

If we want to talk about products touch our life in many ways so we talk about oil and natural gas. They enter our essential life like providing warming heat for houses and offices, fuel transportation, energy which used for cooking and the power that used to produce electricity. If we look to these thing we find that it consist about 70% of our energy that we need.

The processes of production of oil and natural gas happen on a huge scale that needs careful investment in developed technology. The new ways of extracting these worthy natural resources should face the levels of integrity and environmental protection, of course we still need a high level of profitability to keep industry forward.

The new way of induction heating technology display many benefits to oil and petroleum industry:

* Decrease processing time

* No physical approach

* Energy saving

* Improved environmental working

* Temperature monitoring

*Possibility of combination into organization lines

* Monitoring and localized heating

There are many production processes depend on induction heating material:

*Pipes and Pipe Straightening

* Coupling coverage

* Welding of rock digging tools

* Heating the nozzle shaft ends

* Heating for pipe making

* Making the pipe end for the glass and cylinder


The oil and petroleum manufacture section still incredibly profitable. Nearly four billion tons of oil manufacture yearly over the world by the main producer Saudi Arabia, Russia and United State, then China, Iran, Canada and Venezuela. The main head three producers produce about 40 million barrels in one day, most of them consumed by US.

The decline in prices, unstable of job and a fighting to situation of oil and gas as applicable option compared to renewable which effected oil and gas industry in the past, but we confirm that the section is better placed than in dependability and success into the following 40 years.

Uncovering the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest financial sections in the world for the value of the dollar, and it is a global powerhouse using many thousands of employee in all the world and produce billions of dollars globally yearly.in the area that host the main NOCs, we see that these companies are so pivotal and subscribing in animation of GDP.

Oil and gas industry divided into three parts : Upstream, midstream and downstream.

The biggest amount of products are fuel and petrol. Petroleum considers the primary material for chemical products, like fertilizers, solvent and plastics.so petroleum consider essential material in several industries, and very important to many countries in their industries.

In the latest years there was a growing unfavorable feeling towards oil and petrol industry and large energy. The main environmental disasters like the Deep water Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill caused black point on the industry. Other threat to oil and petrol companies is that the tendency to use another types of energy such as renewable and alternative energy. Because of the increase in pro-environment laws there has been an increasing scrutiny on the oil and petrol industry.

Nevertheless, this industry is still very successful and has made tremendous progress. Statistics show that an average of 30 billion barrels of oil yearly consumed around the world.
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