New Alternative Energy

Today, we’re going to talk about new alternative energy sources! Basically, renewable energy is the energy generated from a natural, unconventional, inexhaustible source of energy. It only needs to be transformed from natural to other energy that is easily used by modern technologies.

3 New Alternative Energy Sources:

1- Photovoltaic Cells:New Alternative Energy-1

First of all, it can scientifically produce electricity. Solar cells do not include parts or moving parts. They do not consume fuel, do not pollute the atmosphere, have long lives and require little maintenance.

The best use of this technology is achieved under the applications of the solar radiation unit (solar module) ie without concentrators or optical lenses. So, it can be installed on the roofs of buildings to benefit from the production of electricity

2- Solar thermal stations concentrating solar power:New Alternative Energy-2

Second, this new technology will be used in a new generation of power plants called solar thermal plants. It is characterized by their simplicity and low cost. This new type of station will be deployed in many regions of the world.

Moreover, many areas in the United States are experiencing the construction of these stations. In February 2008, a huge plant of this type was announced in Arizona, with a production capacity of 280 MW of electricity. For comparison, the largest solar power plant produces only 20 megawatts.

The new generation of solar thermal plants takes many forms. But, most of them rely on collecting sunlight through reflective mirrors at a central point where the temperature rises too high levels.

A good example:

  • Turning seawater into steam used to move turbines, 565 ° C and stored in special tanks.
  • Then, used to heat water when the sun is blocked.

3- Gas energy:New Alternative Energy-3

Finally, hydrogen gas is a nonrenewable but an alternative energy source. It can be converted to another form of energy. Hydrogen is one of the most present elements in the universe, where it represents the raw material in which all other elements are formed.

Many stars and other planets are made up of hydrogen. Ultimately, hydrogen is one of the cheapest industrial fuels in terms of the amount of energy stored in it.

It is one of the alternatives to energy and is not an essential source of energy but a secondary source of energy.

The world currently consumes more than 350 billion cubic meters of hydrogen per year and currently produces hydrogen.


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