modern central heating system

Today, we’re going to talk about Modern Central Heating System. Basically, central heating is a heating system for homes and offices by safe and easy means. Generally, central heating is one of the safest ways to heat places because of its low risk to property and people.

It is a cycle of water starting from a point on the body of the boiler. Then, it ends with another point on the body of the boiler called a role. This is relatively similar to the blood circulation in humans. The strange thing is that a French doctor is the one who discovered the central heating.

Modern Central Heating System Components

Boiler:modern central heating system-2

It consists of incendiary pumps and chimney.


Light aluminum panels and types of pouring.


A small water tank placed on the roof of the house to provide water for the boiler.


Where you connect the hot water from the boiler to the radiator.

Fuel tank:

fueling the boiler.

The central heating has two systems:

  • Open system: It depends on the tank in the water supply so that there is a system of ventilation pipes through (Huai) at the head of the light.
  • Closed system: It depends on the pump supplying the boiler with water by a valve that allows water to enter the boiler and prevents its return.

The open system is more secure than the closed system.

Methods used in the Modern central heating system:

1- Radiator heating:modern central heating system-1

Which are the most popular way and depends on the installation of hot water boiler and radiators in the rooms are the cheapest central heating solutions of about (1000-1500) SP per m2 with hot water for use

These networks can be implemented in an open or closed manner.

2- Floor heating:

The same heating system is used with different pipes to heat floors, which are more expensive than heating radiators and advised to offices, companies, and places of worship and other places that do not stay long and is not recommended for homes and sleeping suites in the villas.

3- Hot air heating:

This method uses air treatment units using electric or hot water heaters or using heat pump units. Hot air heating is one of the best methods of heating because it provides a homogeneous temperature for the air-conditioned place but needs places with relatively high ceilings To accommodate the extension of air ducts.


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