Cheap Solar Panels

Do you want to know how to design cheap solar panels? Great, because today I’ll tell you all about it. First of all, solar panels for generating electricity or solar panels PV is the main component of solar energy systems.

Its main role is to generate electricity that generates electricity. Then, this generated electricity is stored in solar batteries after the passage of current to the regulator.

The Main Component of Solar Panels:Cheap Solar Panels-1

  • Cells are made of semi-conductive materials such as silicon that absorb light from the sun.
  • Silicon is very shiny in nature. In order to take advantage of the photons and prevent them from deflecting away from the cell, we apply an anti-reflection coating to the cells.
  • You’ll place glass cover on top of the solar panel to protect the silicone material from external factors and scratching.
  • The panel consists of a group of PV cells connected to one another and connected to one another.
  • The standard miter cells are 15.6 * 15.6 cm.

How To Make Cheap Solar Panels:

The high cost of solar cells is the biggest challenge facing the manufacture and justifies the reluctance of the Arab region to optimize the use of solar energy.

The silicon used in the manufacture of solar panels is expensive, in addition to being toxic and non-recyclable.

The problem of silicon is difficult to manufacture. That it requires many complex stages.

Additionally, it may oxidize if exposed to heat or moisture, a problemCheap Solar Panels-2 in the Arab environment, making silicon an impractical option, according to Allam.

Another problem is the surface of the solar panels of silicon, which is the wind in the region, which reduces the efficiency of these panels.

The alternative that we can use for silicon is “a tungsten and tantalum alloy which is perfect for making cheap solar panels. This particular alloy which anode convert into nanotubes of element oxides makes silicon less efficient at 10%.

We can compensate this reduction in efficiency by nanotechnology and the ratio of sunlight in the Arab region.

The role of nanotechnology is that nanotubes increase the area of the sun. As a result, the benefits of sunlight on large areas and for more hours in the Arab region.

Moreover, atmospheric factors don’t affect it at all, as well as the availability of raw materials in the local environment.


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