Induction Heating Of Water

Basically, induction heating of water is a process which idea is to resist the materials from which the heating device are made of. You can create the magnetic field which is responsible for the heating process by alternating current through copper coils that are inside the heating device.

The higher the voltage, the greater the field’s strength and as a result, the heating will increase. The vessel produces the magnetic field by the electric current. You should know that the vessel is a metal container that generates high temperatures to heat the water.

Induction Heating of Water: The Water Magnetic Heater

Water magnetic heater is an example of an application for induction heating of water and it has many advantages.

Advantages of The Water Magnetic Heater:

  • It’s Safe:

It is a very safe device to use, as there is a split between the electricity unit and the heating unit. So, it is classified as 100% safe.

  • Saves Energy:Induction Heating Of Water-1

The induction water heater saves from 30% to 50% of the energy. The reason is that the internal energy generated within water molecules makes it move faster and become more active. Consequently, this improves the heat transfer performance that warms the water.

  • Water Improvement:

Improves water and makes its molecules more active. The scientific explanation for this phenomenon is that when any work is done in the field of magnetic energy, the molecules of water move faster and become more active.

So, the element of hydrogen that is in the water fraction breaks while cutting the energy field of water molecules. The induction heating of water device is easy to be maintained. This is because the separation of magnetic circle from the heating unit.

  • High Quality:Induction Heating Of Water-2

You can use it for a long time without the need of maintenance or repair.

  • Accurate Measurements:

Preventing the measurement while the water is in an active state because that’s when the concentration of the ions is high. Therefore, it allows the elements of calcium and magnesium found in water in the form of hydrogen carbonate compounds to be soluble in the water.

In simpler words, this means that they are present in the following formula Mg2 + Ca2 +. This is the formula that makes them soluble, which works to prevent the formation of large standards.


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