Induction heating of titanium

Our topic today will be about induction heating of titanium! First, you should know that titanium is a chemical element in the periodic table, Ti symbol, and atomic weight is 22.

Titanium is one light, strong, glossy and rusty transition metal (having sea water and chlorine) and its color is silvery white metal.

Basically, titanium’s density is between the density of aluminum and the density of stainless steel, and melts at 1667 ° C (+ 10 ° C) and boils at 3287 ° C. It resists corrosion or rust from seawater or sea air like platinum. Induction heating of titanium-1

Surprisingly, its resistance to corrosion is higher than that of stainless steel. High-corrosion acids or alkali do not affect titanium. It is a road metal and has a higher strength than steel. All these qualities make it a very important metal.

The Use Of Induction Heating System In The Formation Of Titanium:

The importance of using induction heating of titanium is to make it easier during the formation and molding process.

Titanium has a variety of applications because of its corrosion resistance. Therefore, the induction heating of titanium system has to be used in the formation of titanium and its alloys. This process makes titanium metal more efficient.

The induction system produces a more easily formed metal with a larger layer of polystyrene that increases the resistance of the metal to corrosion.

An Example Of Induction Heating Of Titanium:Induction heating of titanium-2

  • The objective of induction heating of titanium rod is to reach 1700F (926.7 c) during 60 seconds to form hot.
  • Material titanium bars, diameter 1.25 “(31.8mm), 5” (127mm) length…
  • The titanium rod is heated to 1700 ° F (926.7 ° C) during 60 seconds to form hot.
  • Titanium bars, 1.25 “(31.8mm) diameter and length 5” (127mm) 1700 ° F (926.7 ° C) Frequency 70 kHz
  • 60kW power induction heating system equipment, equipped with a welded remote.
  • Induction heating coils are specially designed and developed for this application.
  • Induction coil process is specially designed thirteen-turn is used to heat titanium bars to 1700ºF (926.7 ° C). Two light pyrometers are used to measure temperature on the surface and center of the part.
  • Both the surface and center of the titanium bars are heated to 1700ºF (926.7 ° C) during 60 seconds.
  • Results/differential of induction heating of titanium:

    • Improve production rates with minimum defects
    • Improve mechanical properties
    • Equitable distribution of heating


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