Induction heating of copper

One of the purposes of induction heating is to soften or harden the metal. This process is very useful and also necessary for industry process. Induction heating of copper is a process that is used to make the copper as a metal easy to be formed.

Also, induction heating of copper doesn’t need time for heating nor consumes much energy. However, for copper heat induction, you will need to know many characteristics since it has many benefits.

How the Induction Heating of Copper Works?Induction heating of copper-1

The process of induction heating of copper should be done step by step very carefully. Also, make sure to do it in the following order to get a good result and also to form the copper easily.

Those steps are as follows:-

  • Assemble the copper tubes together. Then, make joints between them to be able to make the next step easier.
  • Prepare silver alloys that have been previously formed and set them above the joint between the copper tubes by adding a flux.
  • The assembled joints were placed the two-turn helical coil in which the joints centered in the coil.
  • Leave the assembly in the coil for 60 seconds to make sure that the induction heating is completed.
  • After heating cool the assembly directly.
  • After that we will find that the joint transfer to be cross-section shape which will make the joint stronger with high quality.

What are the benefits of induction heating of copper?Induction heating of copper-2

The previous process has a lot of benefits and results that make the copper as a metal is very useful. Also, the induction heating of copper gives the copper new characteristics.

Here are the results and new characteristics that will be added to the copper:

  • After induction heating of copper, it will be less prone to oxidation.
  • The joints that are produced by the induction heating will be more durable joints.
  • The copper will be exposed to heating cycles that are faster.
  • Induction heating of copper is safer than flame brazing.
  • Finally, it makes the production of it more suitable than batch processing.

This was your quick step-by-step guide for heating induction of copper and its benefits.


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