Induction Heating Of Bearings

Today, we’re going to talk about Induction Heating Of Bearings. First of all, bearings enter in every moving piece of aircraft, train, composite or game or any moving circuit such as dynamo or motorhome Fan, bicycle, and car.

It is the ideal solution for many objects that are under each other and spin and generate great friction between them. Basically, this is a tool to reduce the degree of friction and remove heat from an object as much as possible.

The Importance of Bearings:

Reduces friction:

First of all, reducing friction by the bearings is important for efficiency. This reduction of friction is very important to reduce the wear off effect. Also, We use it to allow prolonged use at high speeds which can avoid overheating and premature bearings collapse.

The bearing can reduce friction in several ways (Its shape, materials, and the presence of fluid between surfaces or separation of surfaces with a magnetic field).

  • The shape:Induction Heating Of Bearing-2

Here, the spherical or cylindrical shape gives the advantage of reducing friction, or the formation of exceptional bearings.

  • The material:

By exploiting the nature of the material used in the loader. For example, plastics are used in bearings to reduce friction in surfaces.

  • Fluid:

It uses the low viscosity of a fluid layer (such as a lubricant or a compressed medium) to keep the solid surfaces unconnected or to reduce the regulatory forces between them.

  • Field:

It exploits electromagnetic fields such as magnetic fields to keep the solid surfaces without contact.

A combination of these methods can be used in the same loader. An example of this is the use of the cage of plastics, separating the gradients, which reduces friction by virtue of its shape and degree of termination.

Types of BearingsInduction Heating Of Bearing-1

The basic types of bearings are as follows: –

  1. Cylindrical Bell.
  2. white needle.
  3. the incomplete conical bilayer.
  4. Spherical pellets.

Induction Heating of Bearings:

As for the method of induction heating of bearings, they differ from one type to another. The idea of heating the bearings by induction is the heating the bearings before installation of the bearings.

The main reason for induction heating of bearings is to allow easy installation without any pressure or damage to any part.


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