Induction Heating Coil

Induction Heating Coil

Induction Heating Coil
Induction of heating used in production of mineral or metallic parts where these parts heated to increase it’s temperatures like: Heat Treating, Pipe Heating, Bonding, Annealing, Tube Heating, Brazing…etc.

With Perfect engineering , induction of heating method can be improved to increase the quality , reduce energy and time consuming. On old tools and equipment an exploitation in updating establishment and tooling will give us pay back in short time.

The correct selection and perfect design of the coil (Inductor) is the main cause of success of Induction of Heating application. The design is affected by many factors, like the configuration and dimensions of any part to exposure to heat, the heat treating condition required, and whether the part is scanned or single shot heated, and the available amount of energy or power. A lot of scanning apps appoint inductors with 1 or 2 turns. Single or Uni Turn inductors are manufactured copper components with very precise dimensions.


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