Induction Heating Coil

Today, we’re going to talk about heating induction of coil. But, first of all, what is induction heating?

Basically, induction heating is a repeatable, fast, non-contact technique, efficient, and accurate for heating metals. Also, it’s great for heating any other electrically conductive materials.

Components of Induction Heating System:Induction Heating Coil-1

An induction power supply is one of the main components of an induction heating system. It aims to convert line power to an alternating current, then, deliver it to the workhead.

Also, a heating coil is essential for the induction heating system since the electromagnetic field is generated within this coil.

In the coil, you position a workpiece so the field produces a current to produce heat.

Generally, you’ll position a water cooled coil on the borders or around the workpiece. The coil doesn’t contact the workpiece. The induced current, however, produces the heat through the workpiece.

We use metals like aluminum, copper, brass or steel to make the workpiece. Moreover, we can use the metals can be a semiconductor like silicon, graphite or carbon.

How Does Induction Heating Coil Work?Induction Heating Coil-2

Simply, energy is transmitted by the help of an alternating electric field with a work coil to the workpiece.

So, an electromagnetic field results as the alternating current passes through the coil in the workpiece.

This alternating current is a mirror of the current going through the work coil. The induction heating system must have a work coil/inductor to display the efficiency and effectiveness of the workpiece as it’s heated. Overall, there are many types of work coil ranging from simple to complex.

One of the great examples of simple works coils is the helical or solenoid wound coil. This simple work coil has many turns of copper tube that are surrounding a mandrel. However, a good example of complex coils is a coil made of both brazed and solid copper.

Induction Heating Principle:

Finally, we’ll talk about the idea of induction heating. Basically, induction generates an electromagnetic field in the work coil. The goal is to heat the workpiece through transferred energy. So, you’ll find that a magnetic field generates as the electrical current passes through the wire.


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