Hydrogen Boosted Gas Engines

Because of the continuous raising in the coast of gas price, cars company are working all the time to coast efficiently to make the fuel economy more better. Although they still facing the firm revival  which needing today in gas engine.

From the most perfect method to increase the fuel prudence of gasoline engines is to mix hydrogen with fuel/air in the engine’s vehicle . As hydrogen isn’t present in the domestic gasoline station, selling hydrogen increase gasoline engine wasn’t on the roster of engines until today.

Lack of Emission

The main price and environmental feature to hydrogen supported gasoline engines are the few amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission gas that remove the request for outer NOx emission control. Now, nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission control is the main price trouble for diesel engines that use expensive traps to subtend the emission standards. Diesel engines particulate emission which should be gathering by a filter which must be renew from time to time.

Hydrogen support engines, where it make them don’t need nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate control, but need only a little price oxidation catalyst to command a little amount exhaust that is created mostly through the engine starting up and heat up. Another slash in emissions control needs trunk from the engines capacity to use the clean hydrogen fortified charge through the cool start phase step when 90% of emission are produced in emission test.


The hydrogen support or H-boost system is efficiently a screw on technology which can be insert to the present cars engines closet. Because of those developing and evolving in the system, the price of it is low than the half of the inserted price for diesel.

The Future

The first model of H-Boosted system engines are today installed in SUV cars((sport utility vehicle Or suburban utility vehicle ))  test which have enough space for the repairer and it’s concerning system. The testing of cars on road for Durability, Performance, accuracy and strength information is collected and planned  for the end of the year before the system development.

With continued rising in gas prices, hydrogen gas engines give you the opportunity to have more MPG (Miles Per Gallon) and you mustn’t care about burning up all cars fuel. Hydrogen boosted units help to maintain more amount of gas.

The enhanced hydrogen unit in diesel vehicles will change the world for the best, although it is not available for purchase the now, but many cars maker are looking for it. Because the hydrogen unit provides these engines with many features.

Advantages of Hydrogen Boosters :
-Clean Emission
-Increase Engine Life (Durability)
-Improve Gas Mileage
-Act as Octane Booster to Fuel Mixture
-Increase HorsePower Output of Engine

Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles are Hybrid cars (Like Honda Insight) with 60 MPG city and 66 MPG high road is the most effective car in the USA. These cars were devised with one gasoline engine intermarry and electric motor to take advantage of maximum power by using little wheels resistance.

Another car characterize with fuel efficient is Toyota Prius hybrid which in contrast Honda Insight it accommodate more passengers , elegant and attractive design, its motor is 110 HP and also environment friend.

But the most effective compact car is Honda Civic hybrid which known as the lowest price car in North America. With its normal design and 110 HP engine it compete other categories.

The most effective and powerful sub compact car is Volkswagen diesel engine , with 110 HP and 177 lb-foot torque , compete all other cars of the same category.

If we want to talk about Pontiac and Toyota so we talk about the most effective station wagon cars which resulted from a mutual venture between Toyota and General Motors. They are multilateral and fuel effective because they are 1.8L 4 cylinder. They aren’t dedicated to street racing, but it offset by its grace and effictivity.

At the end we want to talk about the Most efficient large car – Hyundai Sonata , the large Hyundai Sonata car which walk 24 MPG in the city and 34 MPG in high road. It is the biggest surprise and the strongest competitor. It is 4 cylinder engine, smooth, powerful and fast response.


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