How warm air rises by convection?

Breeze of land and sea:

1 – Sea breeze: During the day: The land quickly warms and warms the air that touches the pressure and rises to the top and replaced by cool air from the sea called the sea breeze (convection).

2 – Breeze of righteousness: During the night: The air that touches the hot water is reduced pressure and rises to the top and replaced by cold air from land because the land cooled faster than water and called the breeze of righteousness.

Causes of Phenomenon (air being raised by convection)

The reason for this phenomenon is the difference in pressure resulting from the fact that the process of cooling the ground and sea is not equal, and is more prevalent in the summer, where there is a significant difference in the daily temperature and in places located below latitude 40 North or South.

During the day the surface of the earth is heated above sea level. Because the warm air is lighter than the cold, the warm, light air starts to rise and the pressure becomes less than the pressure above sea level, so the sea air replaces the rising air of the earth. This phenomenon is called the sea breeze for those on the coast and the people of Alexandria – Egypt are aware of this phenomenon.
This phenomenon continues with the great difference between the temperature of land and sea and even sunset.

After sunset, cooling of the surface of the land occurs due to thermal radiation and until the ground temperature reaches a temperature much lower than the surface of the sea, the air becomes above ground and the pressure on the ground becomes higher than the pressure above sea level. Land in the direction of the sea, and continue this phenomenon an hour or two after sunrise. Then the wind calms down and the cycle returns. Wind from the sea breeze is usually more severe than a breeze

Sea breeze, and land breeze, are natural phenomena that occur and appear clearly in areas close to the beaches and at the sea. The reason for the phenomenon of the sea breeze is that when the sun goes down on the land it increases its temperature as well as the water is warm. But it is known that the heating speed varies between the land and the water. The water is slowly heated and cooled slowly at night. As for land, it is heated faster than water because its quality temperature is less than water. (It is known that objects whose quality temperature is less, they heat faster and cooler faster), of all the above, the land in the day is heating faster and this leads to heating the air touching the ground The air is cooled and the intensity of the air is reduced, so it rises to the top. Then the cold air above the sea moves towards the land to replace it. This air is cold and is called the sea breeze, which is refreshing air. The sun shines and the land recovers faster than the sea. Thus, the air above the sea rises higher because it is hot air and low density. It moves air from above the land and moves towards the sea. This is called the breeze of righteousness.


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