How to use heat in treatment?

In case you have a minor back pain, short amounts of heat therapy can be applied to the injured parts for about Twenty  – Twenty Minutes minutes, for more intense pain you can use the heat therapy for Thirty Minutes – Two hours or even more.

How to apply heat for treatment?
The heat acts on the healing speed by activating blood circulation, which is why the heat is not used when there is a swelling.
Heat is often recommended with tense muscles and joint pain, but can it be applied immediately after the tumor disappears? This is why some athletes fail to cure, especially in the joints area before they succeed in their quest.

Thermotherapy can be applied by:
1.Hot towels, preferably wet ones.
2. Heating pads.

But no matter how much you apply it, you have to be careful with the heat for it:
1. Do not fall asleep and leave the heating pads without an observer may be this is also dangerous.
2. Do not leave warm pads or warm towels for more than 15 minutes until the skin temperature is allowed to return to normal to evaluate the treatment. Heat can be used three or four times a day.
3. Put a layer of cloth between your skin and the heating source to avoid burns.

Thermal or cold pads:
The treatment using heat gluten contains active ingredients such as capicycam, a compound responsible for the heat of chili. On the contrary, cold adhesives contain active ingredients such as menthol. This gives a cool feeling of pain relief. Read about the back pack for pain treatment, it gives a feeling of cold or warm along with other analgesic or anti-inflammatory ingredients to relieve pain. You can use either cold or thermal adhesive depending on what makes you feel more comfortable.

Heat treatment techniques

Neutral bath: In this way, the body is soaked neck in the water under a temperature ranging from 92 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit. A neutral and soothing bath that calms the nervous system, therefore, it is effective in treating depression, insomnia and anxiety. It is proven to be beneficial in reducing inflammation in cases of various diseases such as joint arthritis. A neutral bath is also an effective way to detoxify the body.
Water Vortex: The most commonly used service for the purpose of rehabilitation; this method mainly makes use of water transfer for the rehabilitation of injured muscles and joints. It is effective in the management of ulcers and wounds. It is a great way to relax and it helps in improving blood circulation as well.

Bath Contrast: It is an alternative application of cold and hot water. Normally the application is run with hot water for about 3 minutes then dial with cold water for about 1 minute. This is repeated for 4 to 5 times in one session. The cycle is always end with cold water treatment. In contrast the bath increases the effectiveness of blood circulation and brings vital nutrients to the cells to heal wounds. In contrast the bath prevents sensory adaptation (change in sensory system response due to continuous stimulation).
 Cool bath: can tone muscles and reduce inflammation. Long sessions of cold baths are usually advised to reduce fever. A cold bath after hard workouts or workout can help in the healing process of fatigue and another exercise of muscle soreness.
Hot bath: works to calm the body in general and cause the overall relaxation of the body. Strengthens the immunological system, and it facilitates the process of detoxification.
 Sauna and steam bath: Each of these baths has similar and useful effects in detoxification of the skin. The techniques produce a great sense of relaxation and help relieve tension. The baths stimulate blood flow and improve circulation.
Steam inhalation: Widely used in homes to relieve chest congestion. It promotes mucous secretions in the respiratory tract and opens airways to facilitate breathing.


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