How to use and where to use Hybrid or Mixed Heating Systems?

The best 4 heating systems to overcome the cold weather in your home

During this cold winter that surrounds us, we are all looking for ways to warm our homes so that we can spend a comfortable time in them. By doing some simple things, you can radiate enough warmth in your home to enjoy a pleasant sleep. Through the ages we have seen many types of heating. Burning firewood and heating the fire, and many people still use this method of heating so far, and with the development of technology and the emergence of modern technologies varied heating methods used in homes and buildings, enjoy reading the following paragraphs, where we list the types of heating used in homes throughout the ages You can choose what you want, as appropriate for you.

First: Fireplaces:

Fireplaces that work by burning wood are the first methods of heating used .This method of the idea of burning wood in the open, and the reason for the continued use of this method so far is the aesthetic view and the distinctive comfort and comfort that you add to the place, and these types of stoves are widespread in European cities And cities with more trees and wood, and countries of the desert nature uses different types of heating, which is the latest types of heating used at the present time.

Second: Central heating:

They are the most important types of heating and are characterized by low cost of construction and maintenance. They provide good health conditions throughout the house, adding a refreshing atmosphere to the atmosphere and longer use.

This type of heating depends on the transfer of heat from the heating to thermal radiators inside the house and is based on a number of systems, including the use of diesel or diesel by pumping hot water or steam or hot air, which is used to transfer heat to the home through a network of pipes Connected to heat.

Central heating system types:

1.Hot water heating system: This system is the most prevalent in homes, schools, hotels and hospitals. It is characterized by low cost of construction and operation compared to other systems, and provides good health conditions, as well as easy to maintain.

2.Hot air heating system: Here the air is used as a medium for heat transfer, where the air is heated in different ways in central heating units, and then driven in special corridors, to exit from the end of the corridor to the space to be warmed.

3. Steam Heating System: Steam system is generated in steam boilers under various pressures, in which the water turns into vapor.

Third: solar heating:

Solar heating is not known to many. It works by pumping the heat obtained into solar collectors into the space to be heated. To achieve this, some equipment and devices must be used to transfer the thermal effect from the solar collector into the space.

Despite the high cost of construction of this system, but everyone praised the quality of it as it provides a lot of energy, and saves 50% to 70% of the value of diesel fuel, and this is the most important feature in winter that provides heating and hot water in a manner that saves the diesel, Summer provides warm water without dependence on diesel.


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