In the last decades has increased the demand for power because of the change of the way of life of the people, which has become dependent on sea water, such as the reliance on food and water at the same time sounded the alarm to be making them of two things: first, that the combustion of fossil fuels starts to heaven carbon dioxide and some other gases that now threaten life on the planet (global warming and climate changes (the second thing is that these sources of law enforcement started an inventory is nearing the end,

so it was necessary to find the sources of energy are available to provide rapid transition from sources that harm our planet to environmentally friendly.

topical issue – we considered the heaven, founded in 2007 to find a solution which is a source of power & cozy in our solar collector and the sun according to studies, the power of the sun that hits the earth in 19 hours is enough to stretch more than a year But the exploitation of solar energy is not so easy as it has many of the problems and constraints of the neglected aspect are:

-There are no effective tools to keep or save the solar energy to use it later on.
-The Temperature degree of the sun not enough to use it practically.


It has been addressing the problem of the sun are not high temperature using solar condensate working to focus the collection of solar energy and thus increase the temperature of the sun, even up to 3000  Celsius Degrees.

The problem of storing solar energy strained scientists and researchers for a long time,  then came the solution to turn sea water into fuel and thus become a form of solar radiation energy to the Chemical Formula.

this method works on the use of solar thermal energy high concentration and high temperature to separate the carbon dioxide and water, and therefore we got the created gas could be the work of the chemical processors for access to any type of fuel.

One of the most important benefits of this method:
-It works efficiently.
-Give an economic value to the carbon dioxide and thereby become the process of collecting it from the atmosphere become valuable thus, it is done to reduce the impact of global warming.


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