How to Repair Heating Gas Furnace?

We need to ensure the safety of the work of heating and heating furnaces, and the following is a manual maintenance of hot air furnace, explained to ensure more efficient operation of the heating system and safety and comfort.

1. Switch the power switch to the off position.
Lift the door of the combustion chamber and pull it out and remove the torch cover, which is usually installed with two screws.

  1. Operate and open the electric switch and activate the torches by running a heat regulator.
    Check the flames of the torch, which must be leveled and very blue, yellow fire indicates that the torches are dirty and need to be cleaned (do not blow on the fire because the extra oxygen will make it more yellow), the process of adjustment and regulation of torches need some experience and may be It is advisable to leave it to a professional expert
  2. Turn off the electric switch again and cut off the gas by turning the valve a quarter cycle.
    Remove the dirt from the flashlights and oven base.
    To get behind the torches, use a vacuum hose or electric blower and pull out all the dust you see from all angles. It may be useful to use a detector lamp to look for any accumulation of soot (soft black powder) that often indicates bad combustion.
    Lift the lower door (the door of the blowing room) and clean the vacuum inside the blower compartment.
  3. Remove the blower (the squirrel cage) and clean it.
    If there is a control panel in front of the blower, break it with a suitable box handle and slide aside to reach the blower
  4. Clean the blown blades from all angles with a small brush.
    With caution that does not pull or tighten the wiring control panel and distribution as well as the blowing motor wire.
  5. Non-filter oven should be replaced every three months.
    A glass fiber filter will protect the inflator and the inflating motor adequately.
    When replacing a filter make sure it is highly efficient even if it is more expensive, and here you must check the owner’s manual and adopt the product recommendations.
    Very fine filters can limit the air current and strain the blower motor and make it less efficient, if you want a cleaner air, it is better to choose a separate air filtration system.
  6. The Pilot must be cleaned very carefully using a shampoo
    Any dirt in it can cause Flame Sensor or Thermocouple to give a false sense of reading.
    In some modern furnaces the Hot Surface Igniters system is used instead of the Pilots or Electronic Igniters.
  7. From time to time the flame sensor will be covered with dirt and accumulations.
    This will prevent the oven from igniting. This should be removed after the sensor has been removed from its place and its surface is cleaned with fine woolen cloth and then returned to its place.
  8. The most common ignition system in today’s furnaces is the Hot Surface Igniters.
    The Pilot and the Electronic Igniters have been replaced. Clean the dust from the hot surface burner by leaving the burner installed. And breathe air through a straw or a shark, this part is broken very easily, which should not be touched violently to avoid breaking the fireplace.
  9. Check the belt to rotate the blower
    Check the belt to rotate the blower and make sure not to break it as well as the degree of tension when pressed to be 2/3 to 3/4 Angel, as well as consider Alignment of the blowing pulley with the pulley electric motor pulley.
  10. Note the axial lubrication of the electric motor of the blower
    Note the axial lubrication of the electric motor of the blower That was of the type that needs to be lubricated (some types of engines do not need periodic lubrication), as well as lubricate the pivot of the rotation and rotation of the blower, and do not need to exaggerate lubrication, two or three points are sufficient for lubrication.



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