Simple ways to reduce your electricity bill

Many suffer from the high cost of their electricity bills because of their daily use and inability to save. Some believe that there is a mistake in evaluating the bill, but they do not realize that the use of some equipment and electrical appliances continuously and irresponsibly leads to the rise of electricity, and push them to increase month after month.
Ways to help save energy:
There must be ways to help lower the value of the invoice, and reduce the increased consumption of them, and from these methods:

1.Disconnect electronics chargers

a. Chargers for telephones, computers, and TV boxes must be disconnected from the power outlets, because they discharge an amount of electricity, even if closed, as the circuit continues to run.

b.Using saving lamps
Using compact fluorescent lamps, which consume less than two-thirds of the value of incandescent lamps, reducing the value of the bill.

c. Wash dishes wisely
It is recommended to wash dishes manually, and to reduce the use of washing machines, which draw a large amount of electricity, every time they are operated, and if necessary, the dishes should be collected together, and washed all in one cycle.

d. Set the temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
To reduce the temperature of the heater from 130 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees, to save a certain amount of money, where the morphine, one of the most expensive things, and should not be reduced under 120 degrees to prevent the growth of bacteria in water.

e. Use cold wash water
Turn the wash cycle in the washing machine from hot or cold to cold, in order to provide an adequate amount of energy, as well as the possibility of removing stains in cold water.

f.  Reduce heat
By reducing the cost of using central heating, replacing it with other heating sources, saving energy, and reducing the value of the bill.

g.Installed thermostat programmer
It adjusts the temperature automatically, according to the daily schedule of each person, if they have to leave the house, or go to sleep, where it regulates the temperatures, as needed, to provide the appropriate amount of energy.

 How cooling reduction contributes to energy saving ?
In the summer, cooling or the use of electric appliances, such as air conditioners, is considered the second largest waste of electrical energy, as well as heating. Therefore, the use of this energy should be alleviated by installing a programmable thermostat or using ceiling fans to distribute cold throughout the house. , And to reduce the exchange of electricity.
Does insulation of water heater helps save energy?
The water heater often acts as a water emulsion, allowing too much heat to escape through it, so it is recommended to cover the tank with an insulating jacket to help reduce heat loss from stored water.
Electricity consumption reduction device:
The power factor is the percentage of electricity that goes into your home and is used effectively compared to what is lost. For example, a 1.0 power factor means that all the energy coming into your home has been effectively used by your electrical appliances, These days have a power factor of 0.75 or less, which means that about 75% of the electricity passing through your home meter is being used effectively, and the other 25% is lost, so the power saving device that saves energy is discovered and helps increase The power factor which increases the effective use of electricity and reduces the meter reading.
Reduce electricity consumption of the air conditioner
The main factors contributing to the reduction of air conditioning consumption are five main factors: improving the thermal insulation at home, improving the sealing of the dwelling against air leakage, selecting a quality of the guiding devices, periodic maintenance of the air conditioning and temperature control. The importance of installing the desert air conditioner instead of the central air conditioner, if the dwelling is in a hot and dry climate and demand the use of mobile fans in the hot climate.
How to save on electricity bill
There are a lot of appliances and electrical equipment in the house, when they are in operation they consume large amounts of electricity, such as television, computers and games, when the devices are left in the standby mode, they still consume electricity so you must For example, raise the temperature of air conditioning in the summer  which reduces the consumption of electricity, as reducing the temperature of the air conditioning to increase the cooling, the increases Of electricity consumption Confirms the validity of the insulation around air ducts or water or gas pipes, especially those parts exposed to external air.
Phone bill
The telephone bill is usually used as a bill of electricity but is characterized by low cost. The telephone bill is calculated through calls made in a month and is paid as any other bill.
How to reduce the speed of the electricity meter
There are illegal methods to reduce the speed of the electricity meter, and such methods are admired by the law and criminalize its users, as for natural roads are the use of energy saving lamps and reduce the amount of lighting and use only when needed, such measures reduce the speed of the electricity meter and reduce the value of the bill.

  • Here are the most important steps to reduce gas consumption and reduce the bill


  1. The heater’s candle consumes a lot of gas, so do not underestimate it and leave it open all the time. It may actually consume less gas in the summer, but it consumes more in the winter, so you should close the heater after use and open it again when needed.The consumption of kettle for tea, coffee and other warm drinks may be harmful, as it is more in the consumption of electricity, and therefore I do not recommend it as a substitute for gas consumption, but it is preferable to prepare the tea in a special thermos to drink the family members throughout the day. Make hot water in another thermos for the rest of the warm drinks.3. It is always preferable to cook a cup of coffee for two consecutive days instead of consuming gas daily in food processing.

    4. When all the necessary precautions are taken to reduce gas consumption and the bill remains high it is advisable to check the gas meter, which may have a malfunction which causes some error in the bill.

    5. If the receiver does not attend the reading do not wait until next month to take the two readings together and quickly enter the site of the Gas Authority to record your monthly reading so as not to enter the higher segments in the account ..

How to check your electricity bill
the electricity bill is checked by the numbers printed on the invoice or can be queried and reviewed by going to the electricity company and inquiring about the details to be known.


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