How to make heating pad at home

We need Heating in our life and In many cases and conditions , we need heating in treatment , such as relieving some pain (back pain, muscle strain and menstrual pain…etc), as heat helps to treat pain through its ability to reduce the work of sensory nerve fibers. The heat enhance blood perfusion to organs; it increases the flow of blood to the injured or damaged parts in the body, which helps in the acceleration of healing and get rid of pain, and we also need heat in the days of extreme cold so the heating pad or sock heating becomes a thing to be available at home even Easy to use when needed.

The treatment by heat is a type of alternative medicine treatment, which has become increasingly used in recent years. The specialists said that following this type of treatment according to the instructions leads to the disappearance or remission of symptoms,like muscle pain or back pain and even severe joints pain. and it enhance muscle relaxation and healing.

How to Make a Heating Pad at Home

Anyone can get the heating pads from the markets, and we find that simple type, which we fill with hot water and there are electric types, but we can make them at home where they are less expensive and have a longer life.
1. Required Materials.
• A piece of square fabric cloth, for example, 30 centimeters x 30 centimeters.
• A few amount of rice.
• Needle and thread.
2. Method of making a heating pad.
• Cut the cloth regularly and fold it so that the edges are applied to each other.
• There are three open sides of the cloth, sew two sides and leave the third open without stitching.
• Fill in three-quarters of the cloth sewed with rice.
• Now sew the open side of the cloth.
• To use the pad, place it in the microwave for a minute to two, where the rice becomes hot.
• If you do not have a microwave only, place the pillow in a tray and place it in the oven.


Benefits of the Heating Pillow Made at Home

1. The home-made pillow does not have bad side effects to reverse the battery with some risk.
2 –You can control the shape and size of the heating pad easily.
3 – Low cost compared to the prices of pillows that exist in markets and do not need time or craft to implement.
4. It is easy to carry this type of pillows and move it ast is light weighted


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