How to Make a Heating Coil

You can make your heating coil in less than an hour by following these steps:

1. Check the voltage of the needed heat

The nickel-chromium you need or requires will depend on the heat voltage you need to use on your application, if you want to change an old heating coil, you should firstly check its voltage and resistance by using the manual.

2. Coil the chromium wire in the shape that you need

Coil the wire with the shape you need, just keep in mind that the shape you use will fit the space where you will out the coil in.

3. Cut the end of the heated coil

Connect and cut the wire and in order to avoid any mistakes insure that you reached the proper size and shape before you clip the ends of the wire

4. Test the source of heat

Plug the device to check if it’s working, if the wire didn’t heat as expected unplug the device and adjust all connections again.

5. Make sure the heating coil is secured

Once you make sure all connections are secured and working, tighten screws around it and put it inside the space in the device.

6. Test the heating coil in an actual device

Put the device on the highest heating temperature to check if the heating coil responds or not. Testing it with different temperatures ensures that you know the new coil will service your purposes


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