How to keep Heating Systems from Damage ?

Five smart ideas to save energy and money and keep your heating systems from damage:

With soaring energy prices, many of us are looking for ways to save energy at home and keep your heating system from damage. The good news is that there are a lot of simple things you can do right now at no cost. By experimenting with some of these ideas and making some changes to your daily habits, you can save money and help keep the environment without sacrificing your comfort.

  1.  Reduce the use of hot water

25% of the average household energy bill is due to hot water. Ways to reduce this include washing clothes with cold water and waiting until there is a full load for the washing machine, not operating a kettle unless filled, installing a low-flow shower head (which will save it in a short time) and reducing the duration of bathing.

2.  Selecting electrical power guides

Household electrical appliances can be responsible for up to one-third of your energy bill. If you want to buy a new or frozen Prada, a TV, a washing machine, a dryer, a kettle or an air conditioner, look for a label for energy consumption – the more stars you have, the less power the product will use. Many star models can be priced more, but choosing fewer star and lower price products can cost you more and more in the long term.

3. Use electrical appliances wisely

The ‘backup power’ used by products such as microwave ovens, televisions, and playroom playlists can be responsible for 10 percent of the electricity bill. If there is any light or clock in these devices – it means that they consume energy. Operating costs can be reduced by switching off appliances from the plug when not in use, by removing any unnecessary refrigerators and freezers, and drying clothes on the clothesline instead of drying clothes.

4. Heating and cooling efficiently

As each heating or cooling grade increases, energy use increases by about 5-10%. To control your bills, consider setting the heating thermostat at 18-20 ° C in winter and 25-27 ° C in the summer. You can make the most of the energy you use by closing the interior doors and heating or cooling the rooms you use only.

5. Use the air bumpers below the doors in your home

Air-based door bumpers are a cheap and easy way to keep your home comfortable and provide up to a quarter of the cost of heating and cooling. Filling gaps around doors, floors, windows and air-leakage panels, and using sausage-wrapped bumpers filled with sand or cloth are options you make yourself.



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