How to keep heating pipes from freezing

The market currently offers several types of systems that prevent the freezing of water in the pipes. The most obvious way to prevent the freezing of the liquid is naturally heating it. Water flowing through the tubes can be heated in several ways, for example, by cable or film Heaters.

In another way, heating temperature increases due to the conversion of electric energy into thermal energy. When using special film heat heaters with a thin layer temperature that the tube is encapsulated, when the voltage is applied with the heat in the cable wire heater, or works side by side inside the water pipes.

The benefits of an electric water heating system:

  1. Maintains water heating system temperature stable
  2. The water system does not accumulate impurities that suffer from low freezing system
  3. Recession and crystallization of solids.
  4. The water supply system will be supported by a constant temperature of hot water.
  5. Passage is easier through the water supply system of sticky liquids
  6. The tap works uninterrupted
  7. Outer surface of the water pipe with condensate and ice
  8. Heating cable system Do not bury water pipes from your home deep into the ground
  9. The hot water system does not carry a repair at the end of the winter period.

Thus, the introduction of electric heating system water supply pipes has a clear advantage, facilitated with the fact that the system enables its owner inexpensive, in addition to its location and installation can even hold a home that does not have important technological skills.

  • First, you need to understand how electrical heating systems and the selection of heating technology are more suitable for the cable structure of water heating pipes
    The way the cable of external water heating system, it seems, the most affordable, advanced and convenient way,The heating cable wiring instruction may vary: it can run directly along Water pipes or wrap around water pipes.
  • Choosing heating cable mode depends on the preferences of the home and the technical characteristics of the heating cable
  • The water heating cable is generally of the following main components: Launching systems,Located in the control cabinet,Aluminum bar, Heating and insulation system, Materials for thermal insulation of the channel,heating cable,Control the temperature level.

However, cable network equipment heating water supply may vary depending on the configuration and specifications. Therefore if there is part of the two-wire resistive system of self-regulated heating cables, having a special temperature controller is optional. When plugging this cable into the power system by connecting the level of your heating element is automatically determined.


D-cabling technology for heating pipes

Heating Systems: The heating industry is designed for a resistive principle. The prices vary small and are designed to keep the liquid temperature at 5 degrees, which is enough for an effective and uninterrupted drinking water network. When designing a water pipe heating system you will have to calculate the length of the cables needed and the ability to supply it to the system Heating. In this case must consider the following factors: the diameter of the water pipe, the depth of the system, the length of the hot line, the climatic conditions in your area and the level of insulation of water pipes.

Note that, for example, the thickening of wall water supply systems has a direct impact on the heating power required.

Supply systems: The installation of heating cable is very simple. The heating cable is pressed against the water pipe and fixed on its own aluminum self-adhesive tape, and performance, in addition to the additional function of thermal insulation.
In the installation implementations think carefully in the case of the heating cable. Resistant cable is very sensitive to damage during installation unacceptable transgressions and cable crossing. This can lead to failure.

  • Adjustable heating cable, another water tube – self-regulating cables are not very sensitive to damage and junctions.
  • After the installation and design of the heating cable is wrapped in a layer of insulation, in some cases it is necessary to provide additional insulation system. In critical areas of water supply systems temperature sensors are mounted. They are only fixed on the surface of the tube with duct tape.


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