How to Keep Heating Oil from Gelling?

Burned oil for heating is an inexpensive alternative to imported fuel oil.
Experts say that: The saves for the state at least 80% and it’s involved in the environmental standards.

These days, with the poor weather and extreme cold, along with the economic hardship, the citizen is keen on how to provide heating to avoid cold and deadly cold, especially in the mountainous areas, and this is what we see through the announcement of deaths, especially among children and the elderly.

The diesel oil (heating oil), which is being witnessed today, is a crisis and possibly a fabrication of its low price with other oil derivatives, in addition to timber cut from oak trees and pine trees, and sometimes lemon trees, one of the most important sources of energy used to heat houses and public centers In Lebanon.

It is known that each of these sources has its advantages and disadvantages. While one of us can claim that diesel is very much available in the local markets,but soon he remembers that this material is not produced locally and therefore imported from abroad in foreign currency (USD) and its price is linked directly to the peace of the world oil price, which means that it certainly costs the country At the economic level. In addition, this article is similar to other most used oil derivatives such as gasoline, and the availability of money to import them, may lose the market quickly if Lebanon is hit by a storm.

Oils substitutes:

These reasons have led citizens, especially low-income people living in the cold mountainous regions, to seek alternative heating sources. The use of wood, which is considered to be cleaner and cheaper than fossil fuels, results in loss of national forest wealth after a year.

To this end, the expert and specialist in the field of energy, Dr Haitham Trabelsi, who previously prepared a report shedding light and explaining the possibility of using oil consumed in motor cars and potato bars in restaurants and other tourist resorts as an alternative to diesel fuel for heating.

He said: Lebanon imports a large quantity (about one million tons) of diesel fuel annually. About a quarter of this amount is consumed for the heating needed by the vast majority of citizens during the winter. The Lebanese government is forced by the poor economic situation and the rise in oil prices worldwide to issue a special decree during the winter of each year to support this material to enable citizens, especially those with limited income, to meet their needs , Although some believe that this measure is the best solution at the moment and may help solve the problem of high price of fuel oil during the winter and provides this basic oil derivative for all citizens at fairly acceptable prices, but the poor implementation of the decree and the absence of control by the State on the imported and distributed companies often makes them subject to monopoly.


How to prevent oil from gelling or freezing?

  1. You should explain your issue to your oil dealer
  2. Try to install the oil filters inside or indoor
  3. Wrap the fuel lines with an isolator to prevent the absorption of moisture
  4. Make a room around the tank, although it’s an expensive solution but it always works , try adding a small heat source and provide small amount of air to flow between the room and the rest of the house to avoid gelling of the fuel.


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