Firstly, what is induction?

Induction is a way of heating an electrically conducted metal object using electromagnetic induction through heat generated in the object by using EDDY current. The theory ofinduction heating was studied so we could build motors and transformers for maximum efficiency by minimizing heating losses.

How does it work?

Induction creates an electromagnetic field in the curl to exchange vitality to a piece to be warmed , when the electrical current goes through this wire , an attractive field is conformed to this wire, the change of the electric vitality into warmth is because of Joule impact .Note that not every one of the materials could be warmed utilizing enlistment just materials with high electrical conductivity like; copper, aluminum and gold.

Induction heating occurs when Eddy current is introduced into a work piece which is a poor conductor of electricity so in order for the induction heating process to be efficient , the frequency of the electromagnetic field which produces the eddy current and the properties of the piece should be satisfied , so when the electrical current changes its direction (AC) the magnetic field created is collapsed and is created in the reverse direction , when we insert a second wire in the alternating magnetic field an altering current is generated in the 2nd wire , in case we replaced the wire with a coil the alternating current on the coil creates a magnetic field and the work place will be heated .The heat generated in the work piece is due to I2R losses of the work piece’s material resistivity , That’s what is called the EDDY current Heating.

The main applications of induction heating are:

  • Heat treatment (Hardening, tempering,)
  • Melting
  • Silver Brazing
  • Shrink fitting
  • Curing
  • welding

What are the advantages of Induction heating?

  • Reduce heating time
  • Safer to be used
  • Improving the quality of a product
  • You can control the heating process and even repeat it if necessary

Induction heating is used in processes where the temperature are as low as 100 ºC (212 °F) and as high as 3000 °C (5432 °F), You can make your own induction heater as a powerful tool to be used, you can use it for melting and forging metals like copper and aluminum and you can even use it for casting too. The basic components are;Driver, coupling transformer, inverter and RLC tank circuit.


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