In another article on solar panels, we mentioned the direction of the solar panels and the tilt angle. In this topic, we will address another very important part (how to calculate the distance between the solar panels) in the case of large-scale projects and solar farms or if parallel rows of solar panels are installed for any reason. When designing photovoltaic solar power projects, shade is the biggest enemy. In any Arab country we expect at least 6 hours of work a day. Imagine that if a shadow falls on one of the pillars of a solar panel, it may deprive us of it of full energy or half of its energy. Therefore, the distance between the panels must be accurately calculated to ensure that in the worst conditions the panels will not cover each other

Before we begin to explain the method of calculating the distance between the lines of solar panels, we must perform calculations based on the worst of times in the year and in this case the greatest distance under had delivered by solar panel behind it is in the winter, specifically on December 21
, where the angle of the sun with the lowest value and we symbolize this angel by symbol alpha α.

We call this angel minimum solar altitude angle.

Because the shadow is not only in one direction, but depends on another, the angle of the sun’s inclination to the east or the west, whether at the beginning of the day or the day, we must also take this into consideration. For example, if we expect the system to work 6 hours a day full capacity, Three hours before the hour of noon (noon) and three hours after the hour of the crucifixion. For example, if we assume that the watch clock is 12 noon, we will calculate the angle of the sun’s inclination at nine o’clock in the morning if the third night and the angle of inclination is identical in both cases and can be calculated for any situation in them. This angle is indicated by the symbol Zeta ψ in the figure shown below.

suns azimuth angle


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