How to Avoid Heating of Engines

Preventing heating of engines

The high temperature of the engine may cause many problems. Therefore, it is recommended to follow or monitor the engine’s temperature and to treat any malfunction which causes it to rise quickly. Therefore, these are the reasons that may lead to engine temperature with some simple ways to solve this problem, The reasons are concentrated in the following points:

1. Lack of sufficient water in the cooling system, whether due to leakage in the pipes, failure to close the radiator cover or damage, or leakage of the metal components of the system.

2. The exhaust does not come out normally; it carries a large part of the heat and exits the engine. If one exhaust pipe is damaged or damaged outside the car, it may increase engine temperature.

3. The blockage of the radiator, whether wholly or partially, may be due to the use of water full of impurities or use for a long time.

4. Disruption of the operator belt for the cooling pump, whether due to poor quality or use for longer than recommended, or lack of balance in the pump pulley.

5. The fan is damaged or not fully functioning.

6. The water pump is damaged or leaking. The pump has a different life depending on the materials used, the thickness of the fan parts and the walls it contains, while the use of water that is full of impurities or the maintenance of the pump reduces the shelf life.

  1. Flexibility or damage of rubber hoses.
  2. The presence of curves in the fan blades or sliding.
  3. The engine oil level is low.
  4. There is an obstacle or flex in the exhaust path.
  5. The presence of dirt on the surface of the engine.
  6. Carbon accumulation in combustion chambers.
  7. Not properly regulating the nutrient (carburetor).
  8. Not-opening thermostat in a timely manner.

Damages of over normal heating?

1- Early primers and roads (roofing)
2 – blockage in the fuel pipes and impede its entry into the pipes
3 – damaging the oil layer in the walls of the engine cylinder and in return leading to the erosion of parts and also increases clearance
4 – Effect on the gaskets which work to prevent the leakage of fluids, which lose their function.


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