How Solar Cells Use Light
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We don’t get the whole amount of energy that reaches the earth from the sun sometimes it gets reflected back into the space and some of them are absorbed through air, the light that gets absorbed by the solar cells are in the form of visible light, so solar cells use this light to produce electricity but unfortunately they don’t work equally as they use different wave lengths which means that the solar cell only uses a limited amount of energy which it receives.

Inside Solar Cells

There are different sizes for a solar cell, some of them are very small 5 inches (12 centimeters), these cells are made of a material called semiconductors which are usually made of silicon, these conductors can make and carry electricity but not as metals that’s why they are called SEMI, are they used to control the electric current and on both the bottom and top they have metals through which the current flows. A cell contains of two different layers of silicon one is called n-type and the other is called p-type.

How Solar Cells Make Electricity

The process starts when the silicon atoms absorbs some of the light , the light energy moves some elections away from the atom , the elections move between the 2 layers making an electric current . This current will leave the cell through the metal layers in order to be used , so once the light contacts a solar cells most of its energy is lost . But some reflects back to the cell and some of them are turned into heat , only the light with the right and exact wave length and colors is absorbed and is converted  into electricity.


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