Heating systems for greenhouses

Generally, agricultural greenhouses are one of the important projects in the field of agricultural investment since they produce vegetables in the off-season. These greenhouses use modern methods and techniques in the field of heat, humidity, and lighting. One of the technological methods used is Heating Systems For Greenhouses. These heating systems, obviously, are of great importance, particularly in the cold seasons to protect plants from the cold.

In this article, we will present methods and systems of heating for greenhouses.

4 Effective Heating Systems For Greenhouses:

1- Solar Heating SystemHeating systems for greenhouses-1

Basically, solar heating is one of the best heating systems for greenhouses because it is one of the cleanest heating methods and is inexpensive as the sun is a permanent source of energy and heat.

The greenhouses, which use solar energy, are supplied with a range of hand-held devices that control the temperature inside the greenhouse. These devices are manual, or automatic control.

2- Heating with Water Radiators

Second, this water-jet system is the least greenhouse heating system used because it is very expensive and needs much equipment. This type of heating system is widespread in many agricultural research centers as well as in seed propagation centers.

3- Hot Air HeatingHeating systems for greenhouses-2

This system is more widespread in the world due to its low material consumption, high efficiency and ease of operation. This system consists of a device to heat the air burning pyrene.

The fan inside the device pushes the air that was heated inside a plastic tube. This plastic tube is made of transparent nylon and has holes of about 10 cm. Generally, the tubes are spread almost every two meters to the right and left and along the house.

Also, the device has a pump coming out of the roof of the house and it has refineries to clean the residues of wood and a potter to put the pyrene. The machine works by means of a thermal thermostat. Its role is to allow the device to operate whenever needed and when the temperature is below the necessary rate.

4- Heating Using Electric PowerHeating systems for greenhouses-3

Finally, this method is expensive Heating systems for greenhouses. Moreover, it does not achieve the thermal homogeneity within the greenhouses and needs electricity to generate. In the event of a general outage, there will be variations in temperature.

If the variation in temperature remains for a long time especially during the evening and in the cold days, it will affect the plants.


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