Greenhouse Heating Methods

In times of heavy cold, owners of greenhouses resort to some of the methods and steps that will maintain that the temperature within the agricultural greenhouse at the required rate of their plantations. These methods manage to prevent the risk of frosting. In this article, we will learn about effective Greenhouse Heating Methods.

Greenhouse Heating Methods:

Heating is necessary at times when temperatures are extremely low to prevent the risk of frosting and there are many of greenhouse heating methods:

  • Heaters:Greenhouse Heating Methods -1

Using heaters distributed inside the greenhouse is consider the best way of heating and most of the owners find it really efficient.

  • Central heating:

You can apply this method in which hot water passes through the pipes distributed all over your home at night.

  • Electric heaters at night.

These were the 3 most effective greenhouse heating methods to maintain the required temperature when it’s freezing out there.

How to keep your plants safe?

Here are some methods to keep your plants inside your greenhouse in a good health during the winter.

1- Ventilation:Greenhouse Heating Methods -2

Ventilation aims to reduce humidity and the temperature and raise the proportion of carbon dioxide and renews the internal air. There are many diseases that are increasing prevalence due to the increase in humidity. So, to avoid such a hassle follow these ventilation steps:

  • Open the front and rear doors during the day and close them at night, taking into account the closure of the doors before sunset by two hours to keep the heat absorbed inside the houses to help to warm the plant.
  • The use of electric fans with one installed on the front or rear of the greenhouse. This will expel any warm air outside the house and replace it with cold air.
  • Trim the plants especially the lower parts to facilitate air movement.

2- Shading:

The process of shading aims to reduce temperatures within the greenhouses, where temperatures rise and become harmful to your plants.

Here’s what you need to do to protect your plants by shading:

  • First, you can use nets and each type has a certain degree of shading.
  • Second, you can black strips, cut 10 cm wide or to a suitable length according to the width of your greenhouse forming belts from the outside.



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