General Information On Diesel Engines


Diesel motor engines provide the lowest fuel consumption from any other types of engines.

In USA and Canada (We mean North America), Diesel engines are broadly used in larger types of trucks, because its high efficacy and speed and diesel engine efficacy lead to a long time of engine life. These advantages also help to make the diesel engine ideal for use in the heavy types of trucks.

Diesel engines

Diesel Engines are also used with submarines.  In submarines, the diesel engine is run when the submarine is on the surface of water, which charges the batteries that power the submarine once it is submerged in the depths.

Diesel has been popular for many years , Because diesel engines can last for years and years.  Although they won’t offer as much speed as gasoline motor engines.

Diesel engines aren’t as powerful as gas engines, as gasoline engines produce more horsepower than that of a diesel engines.  Diesel vehicles however, offer more torque (Twisting Force) than gasoline motor engines. And when it comes to cost, diesel vehicles are normally more expensive to buy than gas engines, and the parts of diesel engines are more expensive than gas engine parts.  The diesel however, is more reliable due to it being less complicated internally (Mechanically) and heavier to build, therefore it normally lasts longer than gas engines.

Note: When Diesel Engines Motors produce black smokes , Keep in mind this isn’t a problem with the engine, just means that the fuel is dirtier.


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