Gasoline Trucks Versus Diesel Trucks

If you decide to use your own truck as a small car, require quick, calm acceleration and trying sometimes to pull a heavy freight without planning for it for long time, so you may choose a gas car. Because gasoline engines run softness, its fuel is readily available, and operate faster in the cold weather.

If you want to use your own truck for pulling, you must estimate fuel consumption in miles. So you may be prefer a diesel engines vehicles. The coast of diesel trucks is very high, but on other hand it saves your money.

In this article , we will talk about this topic by mention some examples where you’ll find offers for some well known leading vehicle manufacturers and what they suggest on you.


Dodge Ram Vehicles ( 2500 – 3500 ) those are heavy trucks are the most modern vehicles in sufficient power with the 245 HorsePower ( 9.5 L). We anticipate that Dodge company will release very powerful engines for models from (2500 to 3500 ).

New basic gas engine is the 5.7L /V-8 isn’t the only one which has the huge powerful engine at 345 HP, but it remains known name and date.


Ford company helped the market on ¾ ton and 1ton Lorries reach its present level today by submit its international engineered power blow diesel in 1944. The diesel engines before 1944 were bad built and no corresponding for the large inch gas engines.

For 8 years from 1994 to 2002, more than 70 percent of Ford company cars were sold with elective 7.3L V-8 diesel engines. These engines helped Ford to be at the forefront in diesel engines field.

Chevrolet / GMC

Silverado Chevrolet HD Truck and Sierra Chevrolet HD come with (6 L) engine (gas engine) , and this engine is very suitable for 3/4 ton trucks. If we want to talk about the upgrades it begin with 8.1 L V-8 (Gas Engine) depend on Chevrolet’s revered engine.

The diesel trucks proved to be functional, very capable of pulling and easy servicing. Diesel engines don’t contain spark plugs, so you don’t require to balance it as gas engine.

Persons who like to carry heavy things continuously, diesel engines is the perfect choice. Diesel lorries designed to run thousands of miles per gallon before you need to refuel it again. It is the best choice for your money.


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