Gas Versus Diesel

The Cost

Because of the increasing of compression ratio which lead to increase of cylinder pressure in diesel engines, they should be manufactured to resist more penalty than gasoline engines. There are many parts must organized like cylinder heads, valves, pistons and crankshaft, which are very expensive.

If we want to know why people prefer gas rather than diesel, of course the reason that gas price is cheaper than diesel price.

Fuel Cost

If we talk about the fuel cost we find that diesel fuel isn’t difficult to refine and taking little time to extracted from crude oil to give the last product from gas, so its price less than gas. In America, diesel has the same price of unleaded gas.

Noise and Vibration

Many of us observe the softness in the gasoline engine when running, while we notice the noise and vibration caused by the diesel engines when operating.

Cold Weather

When you try to run a gasoline car in cold weather , you will notice that it is faster turn than diesel car because it contains spark plugs which helps to warm cold air.


Servicing diesel cars are more expensive than gasoline cars because they contain bigger volume of oil and the fuel filters and the water separators should be last more than gasoline cars. The advantage of gas cars that their spark plugs, antifreeze and engine oil service period is longer.
The final decision to determine the purchase of a gasoline car or a diesel car depends on what you personally need to use your car. If you want to carry heavy things or driving fast you must by gasoline car.
But if you want to tow, make less money on fuel or driving several miles, you must buy diesel car, although the gasoline more soft and its fuel more available.
If you don’t worry about the price so your best choice is the diesel car. Because if you want to carry heavy loads so you must own diesel vehicles like trucks.


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