Fossil Fuels VS Renewable Fuels

Coal, oil, and natural gas are the three sources of fossil fuels on which we rely primarily to meet our energy needs, whether for the heating of our homes or to supply electricity or to supply the necessary fuel to our cars and others means of transport.

The problem with fossil fuels is that they are not renewable. Their supply is limited and the day will come when the stocks on the planet are completely depleted. Fossil fuels were formed from plants and animals that lived millions of years ago and after being underground under certain conditions, their remains became the fuel we know and use today.

In fact, the oldest fossil fuels have their origin in the Cambrian period about 500 million years ago, long before dinosaurs entered the scene. Therefore they do not regenerate with the necessary speed to cover our future energy demand.

Fossil fuels exist. And today, they make us an invaluable service. The problem is that through their use a number of environmental problems appear. During its combustion, carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere, which is the gas that contributes mainly to global warming.

The impact of global warming affects not only the most industrialized areas of the planet but ends up affecting the entire planet. Air pollution is also one of the global problems due to the use of fossil fuels, which affects human health and ecosystem development.

Other environmental problems associated with fossil fuels appear as soon as they are extracted from the sites where they are found: there may be oil spills that seriously damage an entire ecosystem or the state in which the area surrounding the mine is located;Carbon.

The sun, the wind, and the water are perfect sources of energy. They do not contaminate, they are renewable and every day more efficient. With its use reduces the emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and greatly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Solar energy, for example; It is based on the energy contained in solar radiation. This energy is found in all things, including fossil fuels.

Hydroelectric power and wind energy in recent years have a good niche market. The principle on which both are based on the force of the action of wind currents and water passing through turbines that convert that mechanical energy into electricity.

Also in the sea, you can take advantage of the energy of wind and water (tidal and wave power), which opens up new possibilities for research and future successful exploitation.

Energy from biomass or energy from burning plant remains and another organic matter is the oldest form of energy supply in man. Wood has been the most basic resource for obtaining heat and cooking food and in developing countries is essential for the survival of local populations.


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