Efficacy of Diesel Engines and Gasoline Engines

It also knows that diesel engine is more efficient than gasoline engine and therefore less fuel consumption. If we look at the efficiency of turbo diesel, we find that on average it consumes 40 percent of gallons per mile (GPM). The high level of pressure ratio of diesel engines help to increase efficiency in running , but don’t forget that diesel fuel also contains about 20 percent increase in energy per one unit of volume more than gas fuel.

Diesel engine which an internal combustion engine bigger than gas engine which has the same power because:
1- A diesel engine needs a greater capacity than a gasoline engine to produce the same amount of power, it is slower and doesn’t work fast.
2- The diesel engine must has bigger power to resist the high pressure which needs to ignitions.

Diesel engines produce little amount of carbon monoxide (Co2) ; because they burn excess fuel in the air, except for the amount injected in each cycle. However, black exhaust is produced by the cars exhaust, which is carbonated carbon compounds.

Diesel engines requires greater torque. Diesel engines tend to have low torque to control heavy loads more smoothly, allowing the engine to give high loads at low speeds.

From the advantage of diesel engines that they don’t include an electric ignition system. The high quality of these engines are also caused by the natural excess in the combustion cycle which will find less violence in the pressure compared to the system of ignition diesel. Lubricants extracted from diesel is better than those extracted from gas, because it is less harmful to pistons and cylinder rings, which lasts longer , nearly about 250 thousand miles.

Diesel engines have proved to be the best, they are better than spark-ignition engines, they last much longer and more torque. If you don’t own a diesel car, take one to see all of its advantages as a customer.


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